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What is a temporary employment?
Temporary work is a specific, three-party work relationship, in which an interim worker an (the person carrying out the work) is hired by the employment agency (the actual employer) to perform the work for another entity – user-employer.
What can we offer you?
As the actual employer we guarantee:

  • Fixed-term contract
  • High quality and secure services approved by ISO certificate
  • Care and convenience – we care about You from the recruitment process until Your last payment day.
  • Time saving – You do not need to seek Your prospective employers and send them Your application, we search them for You.

All our services are provided for the candidates are free of charge.

The benefits of temporary employment
Temporary work allows to:

  • gain new experience and acquire new skills
  • gain employment at the user-employer workplace

We work in different branches, both with Polish and international companies. You just leave us Your application and we will find a suitable offer for You.

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